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I was looking for a new cradle and FM transmitter  for my iPhone to use in my Audi A6. I already have a belkin tunebase for my wife’s PT Cruiser which works great in her car. For some reason when I tried in my car it did not work so well, I had a hard time getting good clear sound no matter what station I tuned it to. So I started looking for a different brand for my car and came a cross a deal I could not pass up. It was a Griffin Roadtrip model 4040-RDTRPB for 14.99 on Amazon.com. Ordered it on thursday had it by tues and only paid 4.99 for shipping.

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How would you like to be able  to tether your Iphone 3g with out jail-breaking it. Apple has made this possible with the new Iphone 3.0 os. While at&t has not allowed apple to activate tethering yet it is still in the os here is what you need to do.

iPhone 3.0 is live! so we are going to repost our tethering tutorial with some big improvements.  You now don’t have to do any downgrading or torrenting.    Seems you can just run a little command in terminal (Make sure you are on OS 3.0 on a 3G iPhone and iTunes 8.2):

defaults write com.apple.iTunes carrier-testing -bool TRUE

After that, the steps become a lot more simple.

1. Download this file (for AT&T) and mount the disk image (thanks Gizmodo) for other carriers, try here.

2. Option-click on “restore” in your iTunes with your iPhone attached.  Browse to the opened disk image file and hit OK.  It will update phone settings for a few seconds.

3. You have tethering.  Now go into your iPhone/settings/general/network/Internet Tethering and turn it on.

Boom – 3 steps to tethering…

This works perfect on my Iphone 3G.

I recently bought a dell mini 9 from the Dell outlet store for 254.00. What did I get for that price, I got a refurbished dell min with a 16 gig ssd, 1 gig of ram and a 1.3 megapixel webcam. I have been looking for a ultra portable and cheap  notebook  that I could use anywhere and not have to worry about it so that left a Macbook out which was my first choice although bigger than I wanted. So I started looking at netbooks which Apple has yet to make

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Should you buy applecare from ebay or should you just buy it from an official Apple reseller? That is the question I was asking myself last week as my 1 year warranty was coming up on my Mac Pro. I compared prices from apple $249.00 and from other online retailers. Then I checked ebay and I found that I could buy applecare for $92.00 for my Mac Pro, that is a $157.00 savings. I thought wow that is great buy but how can they offer it so low and be legit. I can’t tell you how they can offer it so low but I can tell you that I went ahead and bought it off ebay from

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This is an update from my best skins review in August. I have gone through 2 skins on my iphone, each one lasting about 3 months. I will be posting pictures of what it looks like after 3 months of wear and a short video showing how it comes off.

The best skin ever for the iphone  does what it is supposed to do, it has kept my iphone looking like new with out a case.  However,

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Here are some of my favorite free apps for the iPhone. What are your favorite free apps.

1. Simplify Media
2. WordPress
3. Box office
4. BJ run lite
5. Twitterrific
6. Facebook
7. Pandora