I bought my belkin tunebase threw amazon.com which had a price of 69.99. You need to make sure you get model # F8Z183 it is the only model right now of tunebase that supports the iPhone.  The box comes with instructions , several different ipod adapters from original to the new nano and touch. I found the Iphone adapter to be a bit snug for my 3g iphone, could be because I have a skin on it. I found the orginal ipod adapter to work

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 Additional sources have corroborated an analyst’s claim that recent iPhone 3G connection issues are the result of issues with the Infineon chipset used to provide 3G connectivity in the iPhone. The sources indicate that Apple plans to address the issue through a software update rather than a hardware recall.

Two sources say Apple will likely issue a software update by the end of September—if not by the end of this month—to resolve the issues. Apple and Infineon are currently testing the fix, which will be included in a broader update of the iPhone’s software.

The exact problem with the Infineon chipset remains the subject of speculation, with one source claiming that the fault rests with the chipset struggling to keep up with the popularity and data consumption of the iPhone 3G. However, additional speculation suggests that Apple has been overly conservative with its software settings for determining whether the 3G signal and bandwidth is sufficient to support 3G functions at any given time.

Part of the role of the Infineon chip is to check whether there’s enough 3G bandwidth available in a given area. If 3G isn’t available or there isn’t enough bandwidth, the iPhone will be shifted to a slower network. One source says Apple programmed the Infineon chip to demand a more powerful 3G signal than the iPhone really requires. So if too many people try to make a call or go on the Internet in a given area, some of the devices will decide there’s insufficient power and switch to the slower network—even if there is enough 3G bandwidth available.

The source claims that this issue primarily arises in areas of high iPhone density such as “the San Francisco Bay area, Boston, and certain overseas locales.”

In contrast, however, an MSNBC.com article cites a report from Ny Teknik, a Swedish technical magazine, claiming that the issues are in fact hardware-related.

The report said the most likely cause of the 3G problems is defective adjustments between the antenna and an amplifier that captures very weak signals from the antenna. This could lead to poor 3G connectivity and slower data speeds.

Apple has not yet acknowledged the existence of 3G connection issues with the new iPhone and declined to comment for either article, leaving the details of the problem and Apple’s plans for addressing it uncertain and subject to speculation for the time being.

Lets hope the they are right an Apple is working on a software fix and lets hope the phones don’t have a problem with the chipset that cannot be fixed by software.

Best skins ever review for iPhone 3g By Mike Ricci

This is a review of the best skins ever to the iPhone 3g. I ordered the skin on July 24th and received it on July 25th. I ordered 2 back one piece skins which came to $12.00 shipped much cheaper than invisible shield. What comes in the mail is just the skins no solution or card to take out bubbles.

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I think att is fixing what ever the problem is with the 3g reception here is why and this is just my observation. I got the iphone on July 24th had very low 3g and had a hard time switching to edge. Went to apple store got a swap out. Had about the same reception but would switch back and forth fine. At work I had 2 to 3 bars of 3g and about 93 to 99 db then all of a sudden I could not get any 3g at my work zero bars 110 -113 db then right to edge this lasted for 3 days I thought it was my phone but at home during the same time frame I had 2 to 3 bars of 3g and my drive I had great 3g 5 bars most of the time. I come into work on the fourth day and now I have 3 to 4 bars of 3g 81 – 94 db . ok so maybe a bad tower that got fixed but now at my house same thing happened I went from 2 to 3 bars of 3g to zero I could not get it in my house at all . outside for 2 blocks or more all edge where before was 3g 3 or 4 bars . it has been about three days since I got no 3g in the house now today guess what 3g in house better than ever 81db- 95 3 or 4 bars and driving the blocks that were out it was down in the low 70’s db and just yesterday it was 110db or all edge. So to me it seems they are updating the cell towers one at a time . just to add I did not update my phone to 2.0.1 I am still on 2.0. also to add my other 3g phone had no reception at my house during that period either. here is a screen shot of my 3g